Christian Maranion

Christian Maranion is the hair expert and makeup artist for 27A.

His in-depth understanding of hair allows Christian to provide complementary hairstyles for every client. By understanding the different types of hair and its characteristics, his wealth of knowledge ensures that every client shines in her own way.

“I love to bring out the inner beauty in people instead of helping them achieve unrealistic standards of beauty. It is part of my job to remind women to see and appreciate the beauty of their own uniqueness.” – Christian.


Zann Thiang

Zann Thiang is the head makeup artist at 27A.

In charge of ensuring quality service, Zann is passionate about understanding the client’s every needs so that she can provide them with the service they truly deserve.

“The best part about my job is meeting different types of people, from young to old. Helping the ladies get dolled up brings me joy, especially when I see how happy and confident it makes them feel.” – Zann.